1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

My Diary

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I finally have my Baby here but I can´t start the restoration yet. The first thing I want to do is put it up on blocks. I can´t do that though because we are fixing up our shop. We have to keep moving the truck around. Here are the pictures from the day I drove the truck to our shop. I got some temporary plates from a dealer here and was able to drive it there. Thanks Wolfgang!

I want to start on the restoration as soon as possible. I want to get to know my truck from the inside.

I think it will take another couple of months before I can start on it.

Starting here I will keep track of the Construction in our new shop.

The first thing we did was the siding in the shop. The shop was an old barn by the way. After that I started on the electrical.
.....And god said "let there be light" and we have normal light.
6 double Neon lights on the ceiling and 8 singles on the sides. The truck looks great on the pictures but close up it looks different. It´s going to be hard and fun at the same time fixing the truck up. It´s going to cost some big money but I think I will be able to take care of that somehow.

Today I put in the Plugins and got them hooked up. Didn´t hook them up to the electricity yet though.
Moggl and his brother Siggl started on the ceiling today. Thanks again for the help Siggl.

On Sunday I put up the other 8 Neons. I will get them hooked up this week.

Our Main electricity hookup is starting to look crazy. I am going to need a circuitbreaker box pretty soon.

After my lunchbreak on Sunday and a little trip to Ronhof to see a soccer game, I went back hooked up a part of the side lighting.

I need a circuitbreaker box bigtime!

We went out and got a circuitbreaker box and finally got the lights and the plugins hooked up.

We started closing up the ceiling today. Right now we are just putting Plastic sheeting up there. Later we will put styrofoam up there. We have to let our piggybank fill up first. That might take a while.
Today was kind of expensive though. Mr.T´s cordless drill fell off the Scafolding and broke in half. S**t!
I took some time and made a panorama picture of the shop today. We have a pretty nice chaos in there right now. As soon as we get the ceiling done we will bring the scafolding back.

Finally got the curcuitbreaker box hooked up. Now I feel better.
The ceiling is almost done. Just a little more and it will be closed.

Today we got the ceiling completely closed and we put up one workbench. We also watched a DVD from Bruce Springsteen.
He sang my song: "Born in the U.S.A." That also counts for my C10.

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