1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

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Now I am going to start putting the engine back together.
It was too cold in the shop so I decided to do the rest of the valves at home.
It was boring in the kitchen so I took everything in the livingroom and watched a new car channel on TV. Didn´t take any pictures though.
The next thing I did was go back to the shop and put my new Edelbrock timing chain on.
Today I heard on TV that GM is going to buy Chrysler. LOL. Soon we will be able to buy a Corvette with a V10 Hemi. Cool!
Now all they have to do is buy F*rd and let the name disapear. More than Cool!



Today I replaced the rear main seal and the plastic tube on the oilpump shaft.
I then opened the waterpump and checked it out. Put a new gasket on it and put it back together.
I replaced the Seal in the timing chain cover
Then I put new gaskets on the timing chain cover and oil pan and put them back on the engine.

I cleaned like crazy again. Lifterrods, Lifters and my workbench. I also got my valves grinded in.
Everything has to be clean before I start putting the engine back together.
The front and rear seals on the transmission got renewed too.

After a little trip to find a fuse for a rocket (Mr.T´s Cutlass doesn´t start) I put the Valves back in.
Thanks for letting me use the valve spring compressor again Wolfgang!
I wanted to press my Harmonic Balancer back on but I haven´t got my special tool yet
Should have already been here. Whatever it is, you can get in on ebay. :-(
Before I went home, Mr.T came by with his rocket. I´m glad he got it running again. The pictures are dark, it was kind of late.

On Sunday I went over and put the Heads, Fuelpump and the Harmonic Balancer back on.
I only put the balancer on enough to keep the oil from leaking out of the bottom. Still haven´t got the tool I bought.
Today we got our Poloshirts. They look alright. Thanks for taking care of that AJ!

Yesterday I hooked up my new Oil Primer Pump and noticed that the oil doesn´t get up to the Rockerarms.
I went to a Internet Forum and got an idea what I have to do. I should open and clean the Lifters.
That´s what I did today. If you have a short fuse and no patience, don´t take these things apart!
Don´t drop them either, it´s hard to find the little spring.
After that I tried the pump again and that was the problem. The oil gets to the Rockerarms now.

This weekend I didn´t get too much done because of other stuff but I still got a little done.
I seen that I am already losing oil. My Oil Filter Adapter needs a new seal. I hope I can find one close to here.
I started cleaning the frame and found my VIN stamped in the frame.

I haven´t wrote in the last couple of days, I´m kind of down right now. I can´t do to much.
I tried to find a seal for the oilfilter adapter but I can´t find one. Now I have to order a complete adapter. Should be here on Monday.
As soon as I have it I can return to putting the engine back together. A picture is below of the adapter I am waiting for.

I wanted to start taking the front suspension apart so I can clean and inspect but I can´t find the right spring compressor.
At "Whatever it is...you can get it" I found one but I don´t know if it will work.
Oh well, I´ll just clean until I get the stuff I need.

Every time I picked up the intake manifold, something was ratteling under the sheetmetal on the bottom.
Since it it riveted I had to cut the rivets off to get in there. I will have to put some threads in it later and put it back on.
I cleaned off all the goop and carbon buildups from the sheetmetal and the manifod itself. Bling Bling!

Today I´m putting a couple of days together. Been thinking alot and getting information and didn´t have time to write.
I put the sheetmetal back on the botom of the intake manifold with Loctite and metric screws.
After that we cleaned up the carlift a little. It needs a rusteater bigtime.
It was looking kind of out of hand in the shop again so I cleaned up again.
I also started on a "Special Guests Page. Keep checking the Website, it will be there soon.
I also cleaned my Exhaust Manifolds. Lookin good.
I started cleaning the flywheel and stopped right away. I found a crack and need a new one. Sh*t.
Made me so mad that I went and grabbed the floor jack, put it under the spring, took the U-Bolts out,
let the jack back down and the spring just fell out. My pulse was at 200 I think.
A little relaxed, I did the same to the other side. That was easy.
Many thanks to the people at Motor Talk and 67-72 Chevy Trucks for all the tips and information!

Got a new (used) Flexplate. Thanks Mike for not throwing everything away.
I have the right oil filter adapter too. An Austrian told me that it is from a F**d.
Couldn´t stand to have something like that in my truck so I had to change it. Thanks for finding it Manfred.
Now the adapter is there where it it supposed to be and it even has a pressure valve.
Started hanging my old parts on the wall and they are going to stay there til my baby is done.
I returned to taking the front suspension apart. They get pretty clean with an electric wire brush.
To take the ball joints apart I had to make me another special tool. I got the idea from Haynes. Worked great.

The last couple of days I spent cleaning. Kind of getting tired of it but it will be nice when it´s done.
I have to get rid of the California and Oregon dirt and oil before I get to bare metal.
I am conserving the metal with some special spray from Switzerland. After that I will paint it balck and the cover it with wax.
Today I stayed home and got my taxes done.
The best thing, the postman came today and brought a package. In it was an original GM Delco pushbutton radio from my Dad.
He saved it from his 68 that he had when I was a kid and now he gave it to me. Thanks alot Dad!

Don´t feel like writing too much today. I don´t know why.
I´m just going to put some before and after pictures up.
The wierd purple color is a rust killer that is supposed to stop rust. It´s called Brunox and it seems like it works.
It is also supposed to be a primer so I can just paint over it. I guess I will see.

Oops, forgot to upload the last update. S**t happens.

Look what I found in the mail today.
New Lenses and a complete Body Radiator to frame kit. Thanks again Mom and Dad!!!

Finally got the right side suspension done. Got the crossmember done too.
I am starting to get tired of getting the sand, dirt and oil off. It´s not easy.
Me and the brothers finally got the lift up and working. Sigl´s Voyager was the first car on it and it held.

Today I am adding a collection of entries. didn´t feel like getting it done during the week.
Our first "customer" came to test the lift. We changed the tires on father-in-law´s Renault.
I did something else for a change. I painted my wife´s black US mailbox silver that she got at a garage sale in the states.
Cleaned up my Brakedrums and got them painted. Also got the other 2 Control arms painted.
I also cleaned the rods for the control arms and cleaned the brake cylinder.
This week I finally got the right oil filter. Thanks for picking it up Moggl.
Got the steering box and rods taken off too. That´s going to be fun to clean. I am not going to take it apart.
I also started to put the crossmember back together. That will make it easier to put back in.
Started cleaning the frame yesterday after I got the brake and fuel lines off. I hate oily dirt!

Today I primered and painted my springs blue just like they were.
Finally got done wirebrushing the frame and primed it with Brunox.
Somebody asked me when I am going to start page 5.
As soon as the front part of the frame ist painted black. When I start putting it back together I will start page 5.

Yesterday I put 2 more coats of Brunox on the frame.
Today I put 2 coats of black on the front part of the frame.
Between the 2 coats I sanded the front shocks and painted them black.

Yesterday I didn´t go to the shop. We decided to go up and watch the cars go by from the ADAC Ralley.
The pictures are from the only 2 US Cars that were in the race.
After that, me and Aj went and visited some friends that have a shop too. They have a couple of nice projects running too.
Didn´t take any pictures though but I will get some when thier Jimmy gets done. I just have to see (hear!) it when it´s done.

After these pictures, but before this part of the race was over, we (aj, mr.t and me) drove through with the 2 Cutlass´.
Everybody thought we were part of the race til they seen we didn´t have any numbers on the side.
I hope somebody will send me some pictures of us driving through. If I get some I will put them up here later.

Here are a couple more pictures that got sent to me. Thanks Udo!

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