1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

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Page 5 got kind of full so I thought I would start on page 6.
I´m packing a couple of weeks together again.
I got my power steering pump, Fan and starter cleaned, painted and put them all back in.
Got the front brake lines cleaned and put them back in.
Took the driveline apart and like always, cleaned and painted it. I am going to need 3 new U-Joints for it too.
I also got a new carrier bearing for it. Hard to find over here but not impossible.
They had a parade right in front of the shop for us. :-) The fire departments have a big party once a year and this was part of it.
Mr.T took off my back bumper off and cleaned the brackets for me. Thanks alot Mr. T!
Got both of the bumpers shined back up. Bling Bling!
I got a picture from underneath, I don´t think it looks too bad.
Cleaned the long brake line to the back and the gas line. Here again, Bling Bling. Stuff don´t look too bad under the oil, rust and dirt.
Hey Mike and Janie,
I´ve collected about 10 Lbs of sand and dirt from the bottom of the truck.
I think it´s from your driveway. Do you want it back?
With a little electric wirebrushing, i can get all the nuts and bolts cleaned up and looking like new.
Put new spark plug wires on too. Don´t have a crimping tool so I had to make on myself. Works great. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Alot has happend since the last entry. I am running out of time. If I´m lucky I will be able to drive it on the 10th of August.
This time I´m only putting in pictures. I don´t really feel like writing alot. Pictures say more than words anyways.
Thanks for cleaning my fenders AJ! Thanks to Moggl and Farmer Joe for helping me put the front back on!
I could have had alot more done but they canceled my week of vacation at work. *puke*
The paint is drying real quick right now. You can almost powdercoat with the weather we have now.

After I replaced my Headlights with new ones and rebuilt my carb,
Me, Ami Jr. and Moggl turned the truck around and got it on the lift to take the bed off. Thanks Ami Jr. and Moggl for the help!
Later, after a coffee break, I went back and took the bed off.
Now I get to clean, brush and paint again.
Like I said before, I could be alot farther if they didn´t cancel my vacation.

This week I took everything off the back of the frame that I could. Axel, Trailerarms and springs.
Took the hinges off the hood and used a tip from 67-72 Chevy Trucks Forum to get the springs off.
AJ let me use his sandblaster box. Works great AJ! Thanks! Glad I can do it myself now.
Now I am going to test all of my wire brushes again.

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