1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

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Finally started page 5.
Yesterday, me and Aj put the front suspension back in. Thanks for the help Aj!
We didn´t need a compressor for the springs either. We used 2 Transport Belts. See the pictures.
All we did was wrap the belts around the frame and the floor jack so the truck stays on the floor. It worked great.
We put the shock absorbers back on too.

I finally got the the steering taken out, cleaned and painted.
Udo let me use his gearpuller to get the Pitman arm off the steering gearbox. Thanks alot Udo! Again!

I cleaned my corner again. It really needed it again.
Painted a couple of little parts too.

Today I made some room so I could get the truck turned around and onto the lift.
AJ and Mr.T came to help me push it around. The engine won´t start for some reason. Thanks alot AJ and Mr.T!!!
After they left I started getting the cab ready to take off. A couple of hours later I had the cab off the frame.
That was easier than I thought it would be.

I cleaned the middle part of the frame down to bare metal and got it painted black.
Took out the rivets on the transmission mount and got it done too.
Started cleaning the bottom of the cab. That´s going to take a while, that stuff just doesn´t want to come off.
A sandblaster would be great for the small parts but I guess that will remain a dream.

I built me a little snadblasting booth. Worked great for the corners.
The rest I cleaned with an electric wire brush.
Put the cab back on the frame too.
I am going to get the front of the truck done before I start on the bed.
I started cleaning the firewall and all the little stuff hanging off of it.
I got the cab back on the truck, everyone needs the lift right now. We repacked the bearings on AJ´s Cutlass this week too.
I also got the master cylinder cleaned painted and put back on.
The lift wasn´t empty for too long before the next object came.

I got alot done the last couple of weeks. Last week was Exhaust week.
Moggl, Siggl und Mr.T got thier exhaust systems cleaned and fixed.
My speedometer shows kilometers now too. Thanks for the help Mats!
I got the handbrake handle painted and lubed up the cable. Works great now.
Motor mounts are cleaned and painted too.
I had to replace a wire harness. All the wires were breaking on me. I made it myself and it costed me about 20 Euros.
My transmission has a drainplug now. I don´t want to take a bath in transmission fluid like Mr.T did.
Me and Moggle got the engine and the transmission put back in. Thanks for the help Moggl!

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