1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

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Today we put the new Engine Lift and the Engine Stand together and decorated the workbenches.

Today I started taking my Baby apart. Aj came with me to help. Thanks again Aj!

After a break to go and do the finetrimming in a Kitchen for a friend I put a peice of PVC on the floor to keep the floor a little clean.
Then I started taking the front apart. I decided the first thing I am going to do is overhaul the motor and transmission.

Just like by Big Brother, we got a new roommate today. Moggl´s Cammy.

After that we set up the "Chillout Corner" a little bit.
Thanks for the couch and and table set Susi!

To top all that, I accidently tested the Circuitbreaker box today. Short, Lights out, Electricity gone. Test passed!
Nothing was shut off in the box. Wierd. We went over to the main Box where we got the Juice and everything was O.K. there too.
We went over to the lady that is renting the place to us and she looked in her Circuitbreaker box.
A big safety switch shut itself off. We turned it on and we had light again. I thought we fried something big time.

Now I got the fenders off.

Today was actually a holiday but the need to work on the truck was stronger.
I finished taking the rest of the fenders and fender wells off.
Took the compressor, recuperator and most of the pipes and hoses from the Air conditioning off.
I won´t be putting it back in when I am done. Uses too much gas.
Between the recuperator and the Radiator I found a pair of vicegrips. I think I will be able to get it to work again.
After that I drained most of the water from the radiator. I will take it out tomorrow.

Aj is on the hunt again right now so he has time for the cars again. Thanks again for the help!
We got the Radiator and the other small stuff off the front today.
Got the power steering pump and the lines off and a buch of little stuff.
Thanks for the help offer Udo but I don´t want to hurry doing this.
I know if there were more people to help it wouldn´t take too long to get it back on the street.
But everybody will have to be there later to help put it back together.

Today I wanted to take the Exhaust system out but seen that it is completely welded together.
From the exhaust manifolds all the way to the back. I have to get something to cut it with.
I am going to replace it with a new one so I don´t have to take too much care getting it out.
Took off the Airconditioning too. Don´t want to put it back on but I will have to see how hard it is to change.
The way it looks I am all ready to take the engine and transmission out.

Today we lifted the engine out together with the transmission. Thanks for the help AJ!
No, that´s not blood on the floor. The pro´s know what that is.
Tomorrow I have to get the mess cleaned up. I hate working in that crap and getting it all over my good shoes.
We were going to put the engine on the stand but it won´t fit. AJ is going to get new holes drilled in it.
Thanks for drilling the holes Udo! Thanks Udo for pimping our stand!

Friday I stayed home and did some stuff at home. Got things to fix up there too.
Today the first thing I did was put the engine on the engine stand.
The engine wieghs less than what the stand is supposed to carry but I put some wood on the front to support it somemore.
I guess I will have to see what our "Welder Artist" can do with it.
I then cleaned up the mess from Thursday. Thanks to the PVC floorcovering no fluids got on the actual floor.
Kittylitter helped to get the rest up. Works great.
After all that I seen that Santa Claus was here over night and left some tools. Thanks Mr.T.
We started taking the engine apart. Manifolds, starter, gaspump and the usual stuff. Thanks for the help AJ! Thanks for the Coffee too!
We got almost everything off except for the heads. I forgot my book at home. I couldn´t remember the order to loosen the Headbolts.
But I thought that is a good excuse to close the shop and go home for the night.

Today I went to the shop just long enough to get the heads off.
From just looking, the Cylinders don´t look to bad.

The last couple of days I spent just cleaning my Block and heads. It will be a while until I get my Seals and Gaskets.
Up til then I will keep cleaning and look for a puller to take off the Harmonic Balancer.
Here are a couple of before and after pictures.

.....And here is the puller I am looking for.

After a couple of days and a big storm I went back to the shop.
The storm wasn´t that bad, nothing happened to the shop.
Spent some time cleaning the Transmission. I need to get somemore Gunk killer. (Brake cleaner)

We went to a trade fair for old parts and cars yesterday and I found a Harmonic Balancer puller.
Today I just had to go over and try it out. Worked like a charm.
I took the Timing Chain cover off and seen right away that I will need a new chain and two sprockets.
There is just too much play in the chain.
Took off the flywheel too, that was easy. Now we need to strengthen up the Engine stand so I can turn the engine upside down.
I also got my gaskets and seals for the motor and transmission.

I pimped up the engine stand a little. Now it will hold the weight of the engine. Thanks for the weldingtips and welding machine Moggl.
My timing chain from Edelbrock showed up to.
Since the last entry I have just been cleaning. Today I sandblasted my intake manifold and waterpump.
Now they look like new. Thanks for the Sandblasting equipment AJ.
I have found high tempeature Paint in original GM orange and it is ordered. As soon as I get the motor painted I will satrt putting it back together.

Last weekend I didn´t work on the truck because we went and picked up our new (old) lift for the shop.

Not the newest but it works. Here we are taking it apart.

Sunday til Tuesday Marion took advantage of my 1 week Vacation and decided to redo the livingroom. Good work Marion! Looks great!

Today I went back to the shop and cleaned the heads and some other little parts.
I was going to put the primer on some of it but it it has to be 70°F or warmer. I think it was around 40°. Maybe I can paint them where I work.
I also put a Carpet in the Chillout Corner. All we need now is a coffee machine and a refrigerator.

I was in the shop a little again yesterday and cleaned the timingchain cover and my oilpan.
That wasn´t too good for my arms, they are a little sore today. "No pain, no gain"
I also fixed Mr.T´s Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill. We can take other stuff apart and put it back together too.

On Friday I loaded my engine into the car and drove to the paintshop. Renault Kangoo with a V8.
Thanks for letting me use the Paintshop Georg!
I cleaned all the oil and dust off, primered and painted the engine until it was dark out.
Saturday I went and brought the engine back to the shop and cleaned the paint off the plained surfaces.
I then started to re-sand the valves and seats and clean the threads. That takes a while but it´s fun.

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