1968 Chevrolet C10 / CST (Custom Sport Truck)

My Diary

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I started getting the stuff together for the German inspection and the registration. Let the games begin! :-(
I thought I would start finding out what all I need to get it done. Didn´t get to the registration part yet.
What I need is piece of paper from TUEV (Inspection) with Technical details on the truck.
The first thing they said was that I have to go to a Motor Power Testing Staion to find out how much Horsepower I have
just because I have an Edelbrock 4 Barrel on it. I guess they think it adds 450 Horsepower or something.
I found a place that will measure it not too far from here. After the test, I might be able to get the Tech Details.
I still don´t know if the tires I have ordered are allowed. They haven´t answered me yet.
The way they are, I will have to wait to get the info on the tires after the test. That´s kind of stupid though,
I need the tires before the test and I can´t bring them back after they are put on the truck.
I kind of expected these problems because the German bureaucracy is like that. Why make things easy when it can go the hard way too.

Now, back to the Project. What have I been doing?
I took the Axle and all the little stuff out.
Cleaned and painted the back part of the frame.
Did the same with the axle and all the little parts.
Again the same to the Hood Hinges and springs.
Moggl and Siggl helped me put the Hood back on the truck after I polished it. Thanks alot Moggl and Siggl!
Hercules (Moggl) put the springs back on the hinges too.
Just like the other stuff, I cleaned and painted the trailer arms. The trucks with leafsprings don´t have these.
I put the trailer arms and the axle back in but can´t keep going because I haven´t got my springs back from sandblasting yet.
Thanks alot Mark for sandblasting my springs.

I should start calling this a weekly diary instead of a daily diary.
Got the back brakes, lines and cylinders cleaned and put back in.
The suspension in the back is done too.
I got ready to put the exhaust back in and expecting to put it in myself, Moggl, Siggl, Mr.T, Luigi V12 and Albetross showed up.
They all helped me put it in and get it tacked into place. Thanks all ya´all!
I put the bed back on and let her gets some sun and air. Thanks for helping me get the truck on the lift AJ!
I got the rims painted white and I brought them to get the new tires put on. I didn´t like what they looked like though.
Finally got the paper from The TÜV and they say I can use the tires but only without the Historical Registration.
Because I didn´t drive on the new tires I was able to bring them back. Thanks for the help Aso.
One night on the way back from the shop, I almost ran over somebody that was laying on the street chilling out.
I don´t know what he had but he was either on drugs, drunk or just plain crazy.
I asked him if he was alright and he just kept saying the same thing.
After 45 Minutes the Polizei finally showed up and calld the redcross. I stil don´t know what was wrong with him.
I had to rewire my headlights for the germans. The parking lights are supposed to be white.
I also had to seperatly fuse the taillights.
The 4way flashers are also supposed to keep blinking if I hit the brakes. Right now the brakelights override the flashers.
Guess I will have to see how I am going to get that to work.
I also installed all my new lenses for the lights.
Got my Taunacover cleand and put back on.
Now all I have to do is tune up my Moneyshi**ter. It´s not running too good right now.
Thanks again for sandblasting my springs Mark!
The biggest Thank You goes to Meister B for screwing up my good weekend mood and ruining my work moral!

I put the battery and tried to start the engine but there just wasn´t enough juice in it.
We got some Jumper cables and jumpstarted her with my Kangoo. Thanks for the Cables Mrs. Hoefler!
Took a little bit for the gas to get to the carb but she started right up. What a relief.
Thanks Moggle for the help!
I drove her outside slowly (Brakes were not blead yet) and let her get up to Temperature.
After that I had to find out that the fuel pump is leaking so I have to get a new one.
Had a couple of different leaks but I got them fixed pretty quick.
I got a new Fuel pump put in and got the brakes blead. Thanks for pumpin´AJ!
Took her for a little testdrive. Was a little risky with no plates but I just had to do it.
I set the timing a little better and she ran like new. I then put her back in the shop.
Thanks to Aso I finally got the new and right tires put on.
My Kickdown switch is hooked up now but I don´t know if it works right.
I will see next weekend if it works right when we drive to Gunzenhausen. I just hope it doesn´t rain.
I am getting temporary plates for 5 days. I just have to testdrive her before the winter break.

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